The modular platform specialised in gastroenterology and immunology that adapts to the needs of each patient.

Mobile application for patients

A digital companion that accompanies patients throughout their pathologies.

Monitoring interface for doctors

A turnkey SaaS interface that is interoperable with hospital health data reporting systems (HL7)/

Real wold data recovery (PROMS & PREMS)

Treatment efficacy, side effects, quality of life, patients' opinions on treatment. IBDQ, Short-IBDQ, IBDI and IBD-Disk, IBS-SSS, IBS-QOL, etc.

Digestive telemedicine service

Dieticians and clinical psychologists to accompany patients at home (video & chat).

Digital therapeutics

In order to treat patients with validated therapeutics. They can be added to a treatment to increase its effectiveness.

Real-world studies

Inclusion of participants, obtaining consent and collecting outcome data in the desired format.


Digital digestive companion


Our therapeutic programs

Digital care programs that integrate clinically validated therapies to support patients in gastroenterology and immunology. Digital therapies can be used in conjunction with patient treatments.

a human accompaniment

Digestive telemedicine service

The Guty application allows you to be accompanied by health professionals specialised in digestive pathologies, either by messaging or by video consultation.


A monitoring interface for clinical practice

A free and interoperable interface with hospital information systems that allows medical teams to consult the health data of patients using the GUTY mobile application in one click.


A monitoring interface for your real-world studies

An interface that allows you to track real-world patients' data while conducting your studies.